One off my Bucket List – The leaving of Liverpool on a Tall Ship



I have watched the films, read the books and enviously walked the quays at the Albert Dock looking at the magnificent structures of the Tall Ships that visit our city.  They have always held a fascination for me.  Well this last week I got the opportunity to sign on as member of the crew of the Pelican of London Tall Ship that sailed from Liverpool to Belfast last Monday.

What an experience!  I did not realise how hard I was about to work for my supper.  Put on the 12am to 4am watch the first night, steering the ship with the lightning all around and the rain battering down was not exactly how I had perceived the voyage when I left the Albert Dock with blue skies and sunshine.

DSCN2369Green about the gills the next day we approached the Isle of Man and another blue sky day.  This was more like it and after a trip ashore to the local pub, life was wonderful. The next day we sailed to Bangor, Northern Ireland and part of the journey was under full sail where we anchored for the night.  Next morning we sailed into Belfast and tied up alongside the quay just up from the where the Titanic was built.

The days flew over with the duties you have as part of the crew.  My watch-keeper Harry, trained and supervised me with great patience on steering, sail hoisting and rope tying.  The Captain and crew were great and made us feel very much part of the ship, even on the green gill days.

I have now worn that T-shirt but have not stopped talking about the experience.  It is another great opportunity that our City Liverpool has to offer.  If you would  like to try this for yourself, you need no experience or training this will be given to you.  You do sign up as crew and be prepared to work, it is a working ship.

There are voyages for all ages.  For further information visit TS Pelican, Adventure Under Sail.

It was something I will always remember and I would like to thank all the crew for giving me the most wonderful memory of sailing out of Liverpool on a Tall Ship.

Its Liverpool!


Happy Days!



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  1. zmaths14 says :

    What a great experience, wish I could have gone with you x

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