Shakespeare’s Globe On Tour: Much Ado about Nothing.

After sell-out performances around the UK, this high quality cast arrives in the beautiful summer surroundings of Calderstones Mansion House on Saturday 14th June at 2.30pm for a knockout performance.

Last year, I reluctantly watched ‘A Winters Tale’ at Woolton’s Reynolds Park Walled Garden one evening and thoroughly enjoyed it. I raved about Shakespeare for weeks later.

Now, Shakespeare’s Globe brings one of Shakespeare’s liveliest comedies to the Garden Theatre at Calderstones this weekend.

Briefly, without spoiling the plot, the story involves Claudio who loves Hero and Hero Claudio and nothing seems capable of keeping them apart.

Claudio’s friend Benedick loves Beatrice and Beatrice Benedick but (because neither will admit it) nothing seems capable of bringing them together.

Only the intrigues of a resentful prince force Benedick to prove his love for Beatrice- by killing his best friend……..well there you have it…..but not all, there is always a cunning twist.

Driven by a romance with all the more charming for being in denial, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is a miracle of coming and dramatic suspense that gives us; in the bout, envy with Beatrice and Benedick two of Shakespeare’s wittiest, most endearing pair of lovers a field day to be enjoyed on the stage.

If you love Shakespeare then you must give this a view but if it’s all new, sit back like I did last year and you never know, you may be taken with it and become a new convert to the bard.

The Garden Theatre, Calderstones Mansion House, Calderstones Park L18 3JB
Tickets 020 7401 9919


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