Metal at Edge Hill Station for Liverpool Art Prize 2014

Take a trip to Edge Hill station, pass the ticket office and walk out to platform Nine and Three Quarters, the Hogwarts Express, then turn left into Metal, a multi-disciplinary residency space for artists from the UK and overseas in the neighbourhood of Kensington and Edge Hill since 2004.

Founded in 2002, Metal, Edge Hill was created as an artistic laboratory to champion the need for continual investment in artistic investigation and the development of innovative ideas that could shift the thinking in the UK cultural sector.

I love exciting new visual arts projects and look forward to these exhibitions at Edge Hill every year. I especially enjoy it when you can chat to the creators, discuss their art, and in some cases, handle the art itself, and this is what Metal is all about, working with the public, involving them in the art and the decision making.

The Liverpool Art Prize at Metal Edge Hill, is a brilliant platform for early career visual practitioners to showcase their talent and relate it to the public in their own art space.

This is an exhibition in which I always leave a vote in the ‘People’s Choice’ prize. However you tend not to vote on your own and often after some deep thought and discussion with friends, a decision is made.

Competitions like this are huge investments in time for the artists but if your shortlisted, it’s a good thing to get your name out there; get noticed and advertise your work big style, hitting the arty headlines.

It’s also, never a bad thing even if you don’t win because it builds your portfolio ready for the next big chance to make that break into the world of art.

Managed by Metal, this brilliant exhibition ends Saturday 21st June, with the awards ceremony announcing the winners on Wednesday 18th, so if you haven’t seen the art, make a journey there this weekend and take a vote.

On show, are the works of the three artists, Brigitte Jurack, Tabitha Jussa and Jason Thompson. Each of the three are judged on their creative new work in response to being shortlisted for the prize.

Wirral based Brigitte shows sculptures and installations which seek to trigger memories of being in place and in time. They move and are very tactile!

Tabitha’s photographic works show match-day crowds and abandoned social housing estates. Depressing but well liked by one of the curators.

The final entry, with Jason’s work, show colourful, vibrant, enamel paintings which take inspirations from mechanical, botanical and anatomical diagrams. I thought they looked very Islamic in their mosaic design.

Verdict: Brigitte Jurack Winner and People’s Choice. That’s my choice for this year.

What do you think?
Visit Metal and make a decision on ‘Your Choice’ of winner.
Liverpool Metal Edge Hill: Open Thursday -Saturday 11-17.00


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