Walking in the Footsteps of Giants: Graham’s story

Graham with the rest of the Giants press pack

A camera shy Graham with the rest of the Giants press pack

Q – So Graham, how did you become involved in the Giant Spectacular?

I’ve just moved back to Liverpool after years away and had expressed an interest in seeing the Giants. I had just had a successful showing of my “Hello and Goodbye” exhibition at Arena Studios and at Unit 51 in Liverpool and my friend Pamela Sullivan passed this on to Culture Champ Andrea McGuire. She liked my pictures and thought I could get some good shots for the Cultural Champions blog. I was delighted to accept the offer.

Q – So what was the experience like for you?

The experience was just incredible!  I had access to areas I would never dream of getting to. I got close enough to touch the Giants! I was treated as an equal by the rest of the experienced photography community, even though this was my first big gig, so to speak.

Q – Were there any challenges/tough bits?

The challenges really weren’t particularly big. Fending off heatstroke was probably the biggest, we were so blessed with the weather!

Q – Was there a particular highlight for you?

Highlights were the looks of sheer love on the faces of, especially the kids, but also of adults. The Giants were awesome in every sense of the word. So many people, very little trouble. Spending time in Kensington waiting with people who were as excited as I was about what we were about to see. Being chased down the street by Xolo.  All the press, police and security running away while trying to take pictures, priceless!

Q – How are you feeling now it’s all over?

Now it’s over when’s the next one!? Fabulous experience all round! Thank you x

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