Walking in the Footsteps of Giants: Sophie Baines’s story

Sophie (back row, second on the right) with her fellow media team members

Sophie (back row, second on the right) with her fellow media team members

Q – Hi Sophie. Before we start, tell us what your day job is?

Digital Content Manager

Q – What role did you play in the Giant Spectacular?

I was a volunteer Media Assistant

Q – So what was the experience like for you?

It was exciting, knackering and inspiring. As a volunteer I was one of many other volunteers in an orange t-shirt…none us knew anything about each other before the event so it was all about listening, mucking in and adapting to whatever was going on moment by moment. Being part of a massive, ambitious totally off-the-wall live event was just brilliant – the whole thing seemed, and still seems, completely audacious but it happened and for me that’s the magic of it – it totally challenged my perceptions about what is possible.

Q – Were there any challenges/tough bits?

After day one I have to say my feet hurt, I was tired, hungry and slightly delirious.

Q – Was there a particular highlight for you?

Being chased down Kensington High Street by a giant mechanical dog along with other event staff – including uniformed police and G4S security guards – and realising how utterly ridiculous the whole thing must look. And seeing loads of kids along the route who were just beside themselves with excitement.

Q – How are you feeling now it’s all over?

Like I’ve been to a fantastic three-day festival. Tired, dirty but very happy.

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