Closing the libraries

Extremely well considered blog post on the heartbreaking decisions ahead for our wonderful libraries

A Sense of Place

Well the news is in and the news isn’t good. On 15th August a proposal will go to the meeting of Liverpool City Council in the Town Hall to close eleven of our nineteen libraries.

Liverpool Central Library Liverpool Central Library

Before I list those threatened and those to stay, a bit of context from when I attended one of the public consultation events back in May. I wrote then:

“Liverpool gets 76% of its funding from Central Government. And they’re going to cut this by half by 2016/17.

Therefore the City Council has been forced to decide to cut its mandatory services, including libraries, by 25%. And its discretionary services, like sports and culture, by 50%. In the case of libraries this will mean an annual budget of £10m being reduced by £2.5m.

The Council has been running a survey (which I’ve written about before) to gather facts and opinions about…

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2 responses to “Closing the libraries”

  1. Ronnie Hughes says :

    Thanks for this Andrea, will help it to get read by as many people as possible, so we can decide what we might be able to do. I’m not critical of the City Council on this but I don’t want to sit back and see whole areas of the city with no library because of so-called austerity poetics.

    • andreascultureblog says :

      Hi Ronnie, happy to spread the word. I’ve read a lot about the proposals for the libraries, but your blog is by far the most well-considered piece I’ve come across.

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