Farmaggedon ’14 ‘Revenge of the Dead’…..

Nothing brings a group together like…….fear!!!! If you can hear the screaming, you know you’re still alive when you visit Farmaggedon.

Last night my friends and I ventured into yet another Farmaggedon “Scream Park” along with some fun loving colleagues from Juice FM.

Farmaggedon’s announced as an interactive horror experience to die for.

We all knew what to expect from previous visits, and we yearned for that ripping terror experience of screams, laughter and horror as we tumbled over each other in tight corridors whilst being assaulted and chased by manic, blood covered hessian hooded maniacs with noisy chain-saws a-chopping at our legs…… all this with a backdrop of non-stop sounds, noises of blood gurgling screams and pulsating bangs that surround you as you push through the tight walkways.

The walls seemed to come alive….. and they do; around every corner there is a menace hidden in the dark recess, pouncing out unexpectedly, filling you with fear and accelerated adrenalin gushes…….. in an excitement that urges you on ,and you push on and on to yet into another blood covered menacing lepers arms. And scream! because you didn’t expect it.

The whole park is themed with roaming zombies and creatures of the night.
Visit Farmaggedon and you get a park that contains three horror houses; bigger, better and badder for the 2014 season.

The Meat Locker, Terror on the Farm and my favourite one ‘Psychosis’.

In The Meat Locker…..Malachi Throne believes he has found a way to achieve immortality through the slaughter and consumption of human flesh. But the hunger grows as each year passes and for Malachi and his devoted followers, the transformation has gone sickeningly wrong….Malachi Throne is dying to “Meat” you! You will be chased, you will be corralled and you have been warned! If you enter the “Meat Locker” all will be processed….some will be chosen….and Malachi will give you a choice…. Join the feed…or bleed. In the end everyone squeals….You will be most Welcome to “The Meat Locker”.

Terror on the Farm, is the original mausoleum of mayhem with a mammoth labyrinth of corridors, crypts, caverns and many of your worst nightmares. To negotiate this bedlam, you stick together, keep heading forward and maybe, just maybe, you will win the night and live to tell the tale.

My favourite haunt has always been Psychosis; it unites your team as you enter….. and you all very early on realise you are the intruder!
Surrender your senses and you loose your grip on life as the corridors of torment unfold before you…and your mind is taken away!. Beware the cylinder, it messes your mind, but you must travel through to get out.
If you hate clowns then Psychosis has got something special for you around every corner.

Go to Farmaggedon if you want the excitement of your life…you will not be alone!
Listed the top 25 “Must see” haunted attractions in the world…..Best Tourism Experience……UK’s No 1 Halloween Event…..
Last year was a Sell out event…so book early to avoid disappointment…
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