Transmitting Andy Warhol at Tate Liverpool until Feb 8th.

Since his death in 1987, the popularity in Andy Warhol’s work has rocketed especially with the reawakening of all things Sixties.

The soup can art which baffled millions, now speak for themselves as the ultimate icons of that mad crazy decade, when every barrier was pushed to the limit. A visit to the Tate Liverpool this weekend, will give you an exposure to the work of Warhol like no other!

I enjoyed this exhibition. It’s very much an Andy Warhol exhibition with ozzings of the artists delights in a very dizzying array of media offerings such as films, books, record covers, TV adverts and music.

The exhibition really takes you into the artists world and helps you engage in a multiple platform of art. You are immediately immersed into a world of recycled images from advertising, the news and other art forms.

The exhibition takes you on a Warhol journey, with extracts of his early career as a commercial artist and it is here that you gain a taste and insight into the mind of the future artist.

Warhol, the exhibition, shows how he expanded the definition of what an artist is.

There is no shortage of Warhol paintings at this show, no bland whitewashed walls setting off a display here and there, but monstrous day-glo Marilyn Monroe’s interwoven with pop art and pop music, giving you the epitome of one of the most intriguing and influential personalities of the past century. A character, who from humble backgrounds in working class Pittsburgh rubbed shoulders with the likes of Salvador Dali, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall and others in an effort to share his experiences through paintings, magazines and TV.

A practice every teenager does today through social media, he was doing 50 years ago on a grander scale.

Love it or hate it, it’s art history and Campbell’s Soup Cans will never be the same! This weekend, if you have the time, take time to discover an iconic artist in one of the best art exhibitions around the region this season.


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