Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas – The Auditorium, Echo Arena until 3rd January 2015

imageIt is that time of the year when the theatres are full of laughter and mirth, ho ho hoing, glitter and romance.  Well the Dreaming of a Barry  White Christmas has all that but it is just for the ‘grown-ups’!!

The Auditorium at the Echo Arena is a brilliant new venue for this show with a stage big enough For a full scene setting of Mr Minge’s factory office on one side and his bedroom on the other.  The show is based on the present and what is going on in the Liverpool toilet roll factory’s office and the past, Mr Minge’s long lost love who left him at the altar Christmas 1976. Barry White was the hottest sound around then!  It also shows Mr Minge, played magnificently by Andrew Schofield, as a modern day Scrooge tormented by the very poetic children in the street.  Still searching for his long lost love, ‘Hairy Mary’, he puts an advert in the Echo and the factory staff find out and  try to make him happy by finding her. Will it work?? Will he change??  And where did the turkey go………??

This is definitely a Liverpool Christmas story based around characters I am sure you have met or knew.  Written by Dave Kirby, who has had successes with Brick up the Mersey Tunnel and Council Depot Blues to name a few. He has the wonderful ability to express the observations of life and characters with clever text and funny situations and the exceptionally talented cast performed them so well.

Another brilliant Liverpool show!

It’s Liverpool!

Happy Days!









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