Munch, munch, munch, All aboard the Secret Diners Club train for a gastronomic journey.

This is a fantastic Liverpool club that hits all the right notes!
Social engagement 10/10, enjoyable, mysterious, and an experience never to be forgotten.

Guests of Secret Diners Club at Lime street Station, had the taste of their latest event literally and experienced a gastronomic journey of excitement and intrigue when they had to travel by train to the pop-up restaurant’s secret location.

It was a train packed with excited diners and a nightime journey into the unknown!

Secret Diners’ Club is a dining concept created by Huyton born chefs, Michael Harrison and Daniel Heffy, and marketer Joe Earnshaw.

Fed up with the traditional fine dining format, they aim to create a new dining experience by holding events in unconventional settings.

Meeting at Lime Street station, guests were still unaware where they would be dining right up until they were handed their train tickets to their destination, which was, Edge Hill Train Station.

Arriving at the worlds oldest passenger train station, diners were then treated to a sensational five course menu curated by the innovative Club chefs, Michael Harrison and Daniel Heffy.

Like all Secret Diners Club dinners, the menu was also kept secret with guests not knowing what they had eaten until the end of service when full menus were handed out, however throughout the meal guests were encouraged to interact and guess the courses on blank menus.

I’ve been involved with Metal, the brilliant event space at Edge Hill Station since its start during the Kensington Regeneration years. I think it’s a spectacular historic venue for any event. This pop-up restaurant idea was really cool and gave a lot of people an awareness of the space, character and function the area has to offer.

Secret Diners Club has plenty of exciting diners with dates for the next event ready to be released, so follow on….
@sdc_lpool on Twitter and Instagram and be first to find out!

Support this innovative grand design of an idea, made in Liverpool, for Liverpool and if you have a moment, venture too into Metal Liverpool.

Have a lively month at Metal Edge Hill with full resident artists developing their ideas and producing compelling work…all FREE to see, explore and engage with.

Art collective Charles Gershkovich are busy developing a fascinating new installation as part of their ‘Time and Space’ residency. Jane Stathers-Tracy and Gavin Waite show their work in progress ‘Sounds Visible’, and Elizabeth Jardine walked all the way here from London and has a story to tell.

Great people and great events during a pop-in session…

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