Frank Green, Liverpool’s L.S.Lowry at St George’s Hall

Last weekend gave us a fantastic prestigious art fair, with the Royal Liver Building hosting the Liverpool Contemporary Arts Fair now in its second year.

It boasted a vast collection of visual arts, sculptures, glass works, photography and ceramics from over 40 of the UK’s leading galleries and some international galleries showing a diverse range of artistic and entertaining works.

I was particularly interested in the exclusive collection of paintings by world renowned artist L.S.Lowry, all worth in excess of £3 million and a highlight feature of the Fair.

Today the Liverpool Artist’s Fair at the Central Library opened.03-04 July. This is in a spectacular setting with the surroundings of the library adding to the splendour of the works on display. This free-to-enter book fair will host 30 artists, as well as talks and craft classes for children. Well worth a visit this weekend.

Tonight though, my weekend jaunt into the arts took me to the opening of the Liverpool artist Frank Greens exhibition at St Georges Hall which is running for a few weeks.

I was taken aback by the sheer volume of works on display here.

Frank Green has been painting in Liverpool for over 50 years and the huge array of works he produced during this time are actually on show.
Well over 200 paintings adorn wall after wall in many of the subterranean spaces of St Georges Hall.

Convinced I was viewing just one room of his works, I was escorted to room after room showing this brilliant artists life’s work. A visual history of Liverpool’s streets, waterfront, ferry boats, football clubs and open spaces. A social, architectural archive of Liverpool’s history is set before your eyes.

This collection is a attribute to the skill and dedication of this truly Scouse artist. St Georges Hall has amassed by far the finest, largest and most comprehensive collection of Frank Greens paintings and drawings.

The organisation of this major exhibition has created a vast, entertaining and moving tribute to Liverpool’s most famous artist.

This exhaustive display by an artist whose unmistakable paintings of the architectural landscape here in Liverpool, must now place him solidly amongst the established northern modern day painters.

…..Frank Green….a man of genius……this display will surprise almost everybody who views it.
View now at St Georges Hall


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