The Stones…….@floralpavilion

Full of energy, vigour, excitement, and realism!

You ain’t seen nothing till you’ve heard and seen this band play. After a Liverpool weekend of musical talent, the sight and sound of this band next weekend will knock you out!

The Stones bring to the stage all the energy and excitement of a live Rolling Stones concert and you are guaranteed to feel the hairs on the back of your neck sensationalise your emotions all evening with this superb performance.

This is not a ” tongue in cheek” approach, but a serious tribute to their music: paying tribute to one of the greatest Rock and Roll bands in the world.

This show is so close to the original that you will simply not believe your eyes or ears. Few tickets are left for this knock-out gig that plays all out homage to this ultimate band.
The chances of me getting an original performance ticket at one of the Rolling Stones concerts is probably nil! But this will do nicely thank you.

The Stones are more than a tribute, they are definitive devotees, performing with superb guitar playing and vocals that get standing ovations at every performance.
This group deliver a powerhouse of energy with a breath-taking stage act that takes you on a magical rollercoaster ride through decades of classic hits.

This is an experience with a group that dominates the stage like an explosive powerhouse with thumping beats that will have you dancing in front of, as well as singing in your seat!

The whole experience is further enhanced by fantastic audio and video effects plus costume changes that depict the ever changing image and face of The Stones phenomenon.

The show rocks note for note, all the hits from one of the most outstanding and enduring catalogues that made The Rolling Stones, the icons of the music industry they are today.

Don’t miss this show performance from a band that ascended to world domination, performed especially for you on Friday 11th September 7.30pm at the New Brighton Floral Pavilion, 0151 666 0000.


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