Liverpool’s New Cultural Citizens!

Since January, five Liverpool schools have been working with Curious Minds (a national arts organisation) and their Arts Coaches to visit, experience and participate in arts and cultural events around the UK.

The schools that participated in the project included, St Francis of Assisi, North Liverpool Academy, King’s Leadership Academy, De La Salle Academy and Harmonize Academy.

Each school identified twenty children who, based on a survey taken, have a low/no engagement with arts and culture and with a budget of £3,000, each group made decisions on places to visit, things to see, and with the added extras like ‘great food’.

If you would like to hear about their journey into the world of art and culture, then check-out the event at FACT Liverpool 13th July 9.30am and be amazed at their journey into the world of art.

This event will be both a celebration for the young people who have taken part, and a chance for them to voice their feedback to arts organisations that they may have visited, as well as discussing their experience of engaging with arts and culture.

I am particularly interested in the evaluation of this project, as are my colleagues who are heavily engaged with the culture business; for obvious reasons, being a lot older and not having the £3,000 .
as a starter.
Interest on my part lies in, how the money was spent, the choice of venues, the ‘great food’ encountered, how the project developed other subjects in the pupils curriculum and how the pupils developed socially, and whether also, if family members became engaged with the spin-off effects of the project. I would be interested to see the pupils journals/portfolios of the project and their diary and if ICT was engaged with entries of thoughts and recommendations… many questions……and, as so many of our cultural experiences are free, does this give the pupils project opinion that, culture costs?

All will be revealed at the FACT Thursday 13th July. 9.30am

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