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Champion gets a Land Rover Experience above and beyond!

This was the ultimate experience which began with a hearty breakfast at the Halewood Visitor Centre café, South Road, Liverpool L24 9PZ.

A group of Liverpool CEO’s spent a day involved in an in-depth study of the technical computer systems that drive the massive Halewood factory; a factory tour of this fascinating campus to see how the systems work and a drive on the all terrain track in a Range Rover Evoque.

Whether you are looking for an insight into vehicle manufacturing, the opportunity to drive the world’s most capable vehicles, or a combination of the two; the activities offer unforgettable experiences!

The ‘behind the scenes’ tour of this amazing facility gives you a fascinating insight into todays motor production industry. It presents an unforgettable hive of activity with 54 robots just operating in the paint shop facility alone and with 111 employees per shift.
This is a massive site with thousands of stakeholders, a small city with its own shopping mall!!!
On one tour, we passed the paint shop with its 1.2 million litres of paint per year process capability, that’s enough to paint the Forth road bridge in Scotland five times over (it takes five years to paint it once!)
I asked why so many women in the paint shop and the reply was, because they have a keen eye for colour recognition. This dates back, I was told, to prehistoric times when they were hunter gatherers and if they collected the wrong berries….well!!!!
Oh, and they use ostrich feathers to dust the car bodies but not any old ostrich…..but from female ostriches as the males tend to fight more, which damages their feathers.

To see a car evolve from just pieces of pressed metal before your eyes and have each one personally coloured, have its own personal sat nav for its destination country, personalised interiors, engine size and interior design, leaves you thinking…what if….but it seldom happens because the computer systems are so smart!

The tour experience has 5 different options ranging from short tasters,longer more detailed visits, one to one exclusives and opportunities to even view your car being built.

The drive experience was what we all waited for….. and what a performance that was…..with 3 different drive options ranging from the short demonstrations, a get behind the wheel and a longer more tailored driving course.

The team building package, which some of the group opted for, was a physical driving challenge with taxing tests.

After the days excitement, some colleagues were so thrilled with the experience that they booked for the evening tours and drive options for the family at weekends.

This was a fantastic day and I would recommend pre booking one of the packages through….Hannah Breen-
Tour & Drive Experience 0151 448 4023.
You will not regret this experience!

Shostakovich v Stolichnaya all to a Mersey Beat!

This year, it’s six decades since the Liverpool Philharmonic got the right to call itself Royal and during that time I have been involved with the Hall through primary school performances, annual speech days and even personal performances.
No better times have been had than those since the grand master of conductors entered the scene.

Vasily Petrenko, our ‘Honorary Scouser’ has, during his decade with the Liverpool Philharmonic orchestra, shown himself to be a brilliant, masterful conductor and dab hand at a variety of music.

Vasily Petrenko performs and conducts the brilliantly responsive Philharmonic orchestra he has fashioned so well in a series of fantastic symphonies both live and recorded.
If you find difficulty obtaining a ticket or a place at the magnificent Philharmonic, then fear not, do what I do and obtain a copy of the orchestra over the counter or better still at the Central lending library.

Try the Elgar and Tchaikovsky CD’s, performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, all from the comfort of your home or car.

The Elgar symphony performed by our Liverpool orchestra, gives a mood, full of insights that hold the key to what this symphony is really all about and Petrenko conducts in such a manner that gives the impression that you have just stepped into the Hall itself.

Another CD on Onyx, Tchaikovsky: Symphonies 3,4,and 6 sends you on another Mersey beat with this big orchestra hammering out this exhilarating album, an album that gives the orchestra a platform to show itself to be in the finest possible fettle.

It is the Russian repertoire that suits Vasily best and that’s no surprise as he rises to the top of the pile because of his disciplined intensity and clarity of understanding the composers.

His recordings of Shostakovich’s symphonies have won him high acclaim throughout the music loving world. Back in 2009, he won the Award for the Best Orchestral Recording of the Year.

As a number of our culturally renowned city’s most popular and prominent venues prepare to mark big birthdays during the months ahead, we see this year that the Liverpool Philharmonic has six decades under its belt and the right to call itself Royal, a unique accolade in Liverpool.

The orchestra celebrates this milestone with the release of recordings to finance itself and in 2015- three of Tchaikovsky’s symphonies that show the orchestra to be in the finest possible spirits went on sale and are still top sellers at the Phil box office.
These are superb albums well worth investigating, and supporting one of our cities most iconic institutions.

A step back in time……….The Cavern’s swinging 60th.

Fantastic week in Liverpool city centre around the Cavern quarter, the heart of the city’s musical heritage and well known across the globe, with hundreds still flocking each day to pay their tributes, now 60 years since it opened.

Celebrations began with a performance last week at the Philharmonic Hall, featuring sixties tribute band The Overtures leading the line-up at ‘The History of the Cavern’ with funds raised going to BBC Children in Need and Radio City’s Cash for Kids.

Thoroughly enjoyed the packed out show which crafted the clubs vibrant music scene through the decades and featuring tribute acts like the Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and Queen much to the delight of the audience.

With a magical history and a music venue that is still attracting prominent names, the Cavern will shortly be releasing a 60th anniversary documentary and book.

2016 saw the club welcome the likes of blues-rock star Joe Bonamassa and Big Country perform on the iconic stage and the recently published 2017 list includes some big names with the likes of soul singer Geno Washington, Simple Minds drummer Mel Gaynor and guitarist Albert Lee.

The unveiling of the Cilla Black statue outside the original Cavern entrance provided a media frenzy with masses vying for a selfie. The Liver Birds may be Liverpool’s most famous sculptures but from their lofty perches, these watchful avians have witnessed countless others spring up across the city over the years. This statue is certainly a diamond in our city attracting a cult following second to none.
Our grand city plays host to more statues than any other in the UK outside of London.

You can now add Cilla to a whole fleet of sculptures across the city, and together, when arriving at Lime Street station with a “Harry Dazzy Boreal” greeting from Doddy, you can put together a walking tour that spans the St Georges Hall plateau with Wellington, Victoria and Albert, past Eleanor Rigby, through the narrow enclaves of Matthew Street and then onto the John Lennon Peace monument at Kings Dock.

This year marks a number of our culturally renowned city’s most popular and prominent venues prepare to mark big birthdays in the months ahead, so keep an eye open for some visually, entertaining and exciting events during this cultural milestone year.

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