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Anfield Community Corner Walks Again.

The second walk for health with ABCC took place today.  I enjoyed it despite the miserable weather.   (Last week was beautiful)   We walked a little further this week  and our walk took us through Stanley Park to the Isla Gladstone Conservatory were we had a rest and a cup of coffee  ( no cakes)  though they looked very tempting. There is a lovely cafe in the conservatory with a very comprehensive menu at competitive prices.  The conservatory has been beautifully restored and converted with much care,  a Victorian glass house which is just right in the setting of the park which itself has been restored and although the rose gardens have finished for the year there is still lots of work taking place and it is looking more open and accessible than I remember.   Weddings and other events are licensed to take place in which is a beautiful (and warm) venue.   After our rest, we walked back around the lake (sorry to disappoint you  ducks, I’ll take bread next time)  We walked back to ABCC   by which time I admit I was well and truly finished and thank you Tom for the much-needed hot drink and rest.  I felt as though I had completed a marathon  but this small walk was an achievement for me and I need the help and encouragement of the rest of the group . I wouldn’t have attempted it on my own. SO , if you need company and motivation for a healthy exercise/ walk  next week we will be doing it again. Tuesday , 1:30 , 15th Nov. Thanks for the company folks , Tom, and Kathy for your support and encouragement . See you next week. ( My joints should have recovered by then !!!)


Alice in Wonderland, Tate , Liverpool.

Another amazing exhibition at the Tate, Albert Dock, I need to go back because it was so crowded I didn’t see all that I wanted to see. Lewis Carroll’s (pen name) novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass were 1st published over 150 year ago . It is these books that provide the starting point for the exhibition at the Tate. The exhibition explores the influence his work has had on artists from all over the world .  The books written as a present for 10 year old  Alice Liddell after the author spent a day in the company of Alice and her two sisters when he entertained them with his story telling and young Alice begged him to write down the stories for her . He did, also illustrated the stories and the rest as they say ‘is History’ !    There are  many paintings of Alice and her sisters by famous artists and a grand collection of pencil drawings , the original no less and very detailed.   One item of interest was a programme of Alice in Wonderland from 1911 when this was performed at the Empire LIverpool.  I also liked the framed furnishing fabric from 1920 by Charles Voysey  a very intricate pattern of all the characters from the book. I can just imagine a nursery decorated with this when it was ‘ the latest thing’ in fashion and a very lucky child from an affluent family enjoyed the fun element of the decor.  Also on display other objects ,  tea sets and a fine display of articulated ‘Alice ‘ related hand-made painted wooden figures by Thomas and Greta Shuster  from 1900  , very early marketing toys!!!     The  exhibition runs until  January 29th 2012.    There will be specially themed  days  of  family activities in the gallery Saturday 5 November , 1pm-16.30.   Also A MADHATTER’S WEEKEND,  12th and 13th November 2011 a celebration  of Alice in Wonderland   across the Albert Dock  10am-4pm,  join the fun with the family.

Alice in Wonderland via The TATE Liverpool.

Looking forward to tonights private view of the new exhibition ‘Alice in Wonderland’ . The exhibition continues until Sunday 29th January 2012.  I will blog my thoughts and feelings on this exhibition . Lewis Carroll’s book first published over 150 years ago has had an influence on the lives of many children and I remember having this book as a child and loving it.

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