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Harald Jaeger…..the man who opened the Berlin Wall.

Liverpool University’s £500m upgrade facilities will be host to a very special guest on Tuesday 21st October 6pm at the Eleanor Rathbone Building, when Harald Jaeger, the man who opened the Berlin Wall gives a fascinating interview.

When hundreds of East Berliners showed up at the Bornholmer Strasse border crossing on a cold and grey November evening in 1989, demanding to be let into West Berlin, Lt Col. Harald Jaeger asked for guidance from his superiors.

By the time the crowd grew into a thousand and became more demanding it became clear to Jaeger that he would get no guidance from his superiors.

If you are interested in this story; this significant world event, an event that gave individual freedom, an event that started the slow disintegration of Communist Europe, meeting a classic Stasi intelligence officer and talking to the man who opened up the Wall in which a ‘class enemy’ gained a victory. Then book a ticket for the event on

The excited East Germans did converge on the border crossing that Jaeger commanded with him unaware that hours earlier Politburo member Gunter Schabowski had announced to the international media that the ruling Communist party had ‘declared East Germans were free to travel immediately’.

The dramatic decision took all by surprise. Jaeger, the highest ranking officer at the time, having spent 30 years in the East German army and overseeing the building of the Wall in 1961, gave his people the order to ‘raise the barrier’.

The decision to open the Berlin Wall border crossing almost 25 years ago began the process of German unification that left former Stasi officer Harald Jaeger unemployed.

On Tuesday Harald will deliver a talk recounting his experiences and subsequent reflection.

This is the only UK stop on his world tour, a tour which should be ‘very, very interesting’.

6pm Eleanor Rathbone Building L697ZA


Council starts consultation on libraries – let your voice be heard!


The first of a series of meetings encouraging Liverpool residents to have their say on the future of 11 community libraries is set to take place this week

The first public meeting will take place from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday 25 September at the Lee Valley Millennium Centre, Childwall Valley Road, L25 2PR. This is an opportunity for the libraries team to talk about why certain libraries in that particular area are at risk and also for people to ask questions and have their say on the proposals for the service.

A report into the proposed library service identified 11 libraries which could be at risk of closure if alternative and viable ways of delivering services from these buildings cannot be found.

A number of discussions are already underway with interested parties about taking over the running of some of the venues which are Breck Road, Dovecot, Fazakerley, Kensington, Lee Valley, Old Swan, Sefton Park, Spellow, Walton, Wavertree and West Derby libraries.

Assistant Mayor and Cabinet Member responsible for libraries, Councillor Wendy Simon, said: “The scale of the cuts facing us is extremely challenging and we want to make sure we’ve explored all the options available.

“We understand that libraries are hugely valued by the local community, and these meetings are a vital way in which members of the public can express their views and also find out from the team involved why certain proposals have been made.

“I hope as many people as possible are able to attend either Thursday’s, or one of the later meetings so that we can work together as much as possible to shape the future of Liverpool’s library service.”

Further meetings will take place in the forthcoming weeks and will be announced as the soon as the dates and venues are confirmed.

Under the proposals, 95 percent of people will still live within two miles of a library and the Home Library Service and the RNIB Talking Book Service will not be affected.

The city council would continue to run Central Library – which is used by 45 percent of library users – and seven community libraries: Croxteth, Norris Green, Toxteth, Childwall, Allerton, Garston and Parklands

Liverpool has 19 public libraries in total. The 11 libraries at risk of closure if alternative and viable ways of delivering the services from these buildings cannot be found, are:

  • Breck Road Library
  • Dovecot Library
  • Fazakerley Library
  • Kensington Library
  • Lee Valley Library
  • Old Swan Library
  • Sefton Park Library
  • Spellow Library
  • Walton Library
  • Wavertree Library
  • West Derby Library

They are potentially at risk because of a number of factors including below average use, high running costs, their proximity to another library and the potential of the service being provided by another organisation or group.

Trinidad and Tobago Culture and Trade visits Liverpool

A First for Liverpool and indeed His Excellency Mr Garvin Nicholas, the High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago visited Liverpool over a two-day period on Tuesday. 28th May. He,  along with his staff team Ms Karen Thomas, Ms Achi-Kemba Phillips were on a whistle-stop tour of our fair city,  taking in many of our cultural offerings including the newly refurbished Liverpool Central Library, The Liverpool Slavery Museum , a comprehensive tour of the Liverpool Town Hall hosted by the newly instated Lord Mayor of Liverpool Cllr Garry Millar.  This long-awaited visit was orchestrated by  a very determined Trinidadian born, Councillor Ms Nathalie Nicholas from the Picton Ward.

During a formal reception at the Liverpool Town Hall, invited Business and Trade related guests were given  the opportunity to listen to several presentations opened by Cllr Nick Small Cabinet member for Skill Enterprise and Employment who  welcomed his guests from their London base in Belgrave Square.

Ms Karen Thomas-Trade and Business Facilitator for TT High Commission, focused on the huge potential to develop business links with key partners both here and Trinidad and Tobago, presenting four main areas of interest to the HC namely,  Creative Industry, IT/Digital and  Educational exchange opportunities, Green Energy along with Sea Port related services.

Now that’s when my little ole’ creative imagination,  and business head went into over drive, in terms of our strategic location upon the River Mersey and our well documented historical maritime global  links with far-flung exotic destinations.  The connectivity between Trinidad and Tobago dates back from 1797 as was pointed out by the High Commissioner during his opening address,  and in terms of the cultural/creative opportunities that runs through both cities, well the commonalities are endless…..think Festivals, Concerts, think Carnivals, think Music, think Filming locations, Hotels/ Hospitality. Food and Catering industry, Events Management, Cruise Liners,  all manner of artistry and dynamism on every possible level,  and there stands Liverpool, Trinidad and Tobago Diaspora, along with  many other nationalities that make up our very diverse population, enhancing that “Preferred Destination” status.

High Commissioner's visit to Crawford House in Liverpool 8

High Commissioner’s visit to Crawford House in Liverpool 8

Am I slightly bias in my overview of this visit? Guilty on all counts,  as it would be a crying shame for all those budding Artist, Entrepreneurs, Dynamic Thinkers with a” can-do” disposition and thirst for new opportunities in new robust and stable destinations to market their creative products, skills and intellectual property when such proposals are still waiting to be fully utilized.

I anticipate the follow-up and outcome of this initial fact-finding Cultural and Business Exchange visit with tempered optimism.  Now that’s pretty positive for me,  from my observation perspective.

By the way folks LOVING the “Scouse” meal presented at the Liverpool Town Hall Reception, and equally delicious Caribbean themed offerings at Crawford House catered by Executive Master Chef Mr Ian Jaundoo, and his apprentices from Liverpool Community College.

Job Well Done to the “Team Players”  who took time out of their busy diaries to support this event!!

His Excellency Mr Gavin Nicholas, don’t be a stranger now that you have met with us!

Trinidad & Tobago trade links boosted by Liverpool visit28 May 2013  12:08

His Excellency Garvin Nicholas, Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner in Britain, is welcomed to Liverpool
His Excellency Garvin Nicholas, Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner in Britain, is welcomed to Liverpool

After being met at Lime Street Station by the Brouhaha collective, who put on a puppetry display, the High Commissioner was due to visit several sites around the city, including the International Slavery Museum at the Albert Dock.

(Source Liverpool Echo on-line news)

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