Africa Oye This Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th June

The UK’s biggest live festival of African Music and culture celebrates 25 years this Saturday in Sefton Park 12.30-9.30 both days.

FREE admission gets you to the most vibrant atmosphere amongst the best festival audience in the world.
With the weather looking good this weekend, you can dance, smile, eat, drink (responsibly) and most of all, enjoy a brilliant few days.

The field looks bigger than ever with, a celebration of African music, culture, heritage and arts combined in a cultural village of extravaganza in the form of Trenchtown, Freetown and the Afrobeats Zone.

All for free and open to everyone with a special kids area for children and families to get involved.

This year the festival features the Oye village enjoying storytelling, face painting, drumming workshops, arts and crafts and so much more delivered by top local and international companies.
Kids of all ages can have the chance to participate in FREE music, dance and art workshops.

The Oye Active Zone has my old friends Movema with a bumper 25th anniversary rock Oye programme focused on promoting health and wellbeing, learning and participation….so get down there and shake! Young dancers! Unlock The Box Youth Dance Battle comes back for the 5th year so if you are 18 or under be ready to show what you are made of, with exciting prizes to be won.

So, this weekend journey to Sefton Park and checkout the stellar line-up of African and Caribbean music, local and international but all a showcase of incredible sounds that make for a diverse music scene right on our doorstep.

See the Mokoomba one of the finest young bands in Africa, Hajamadagascar and The Groovy People’s sensational sounds, Jupiter and Okwess in electric free-fall and my favourite….. Dizzy Mandjeku and Odemba OK Allstars, unmissable and an act guaranteed to get you dancing.

Stay around for Katumba, Liverpool’s renowned drumming and movement group with over 80 drummers-and-counting…..diverse and multicultural with louder than loud music, movement and visuals.

This weekend see the full line up on and get involved! Sefton Park Needle ‘Review Field’ 12.30


Unity Theatre Presents ‘Omnibus’ 8pm -Sat 17th June

A raucous evening of entertainment brought to life in a sizzling new stage World Premier play by the winner of the prestigious Hope Playwriting Prize.

This play is the perfect night out for people who like laughing. It’s funny, shamelessly brash and a little bit rude but certainly good enough for your granny!

Beginning, with the scene of a typical afternoon in a shared house. One in the kitchen getting the roast on, two on the sofa watching the omnibus and one on the floor having a few wines. The biggest decision that needs to be made is when to put the roasties in. Yes, but, the one who is cooking can’t cook. And the one drinking the wine shouldn’t really drink. And the ones watching the telly were definitely not expecting the drama they were watching to come to life.
Yes, come to life!
This is a smooth and powerful production with a tangled web of deception being unearthed throughout the night. Is anyone who they say they are? And how far will they go to keep their secret?

A daring, audacious and sublimely, riotously funny play from this Royal Court Liverpool, in association with Unity Theatre production, that prompts gales of laughter during this two hour evening performance.

Forget boring night telly, and check-out this clever show, pushing the boundaries of comedy and join Mark, Lauren, Neil and sexy stupid Jess in a fast moving comedy about modern life, relationships and prize nutcases with guns.

You will love this rip-roaring play which makes for hilarious viewing in this modern, newly refurbished truly electrifying Unity Theatre.

A true gem of a production by Katie Mulgrew and directed by Robert Farquhar.
Unity Theatre 8pm (3pm Sat Matinees)
0151 709 4988

It’s all on your doorstep!

As an ardent mountain-biker, the parks around Liverpool are my pleasure grounds; however, dog walkers, families with prams and the general public are avid strollers also, all amid the tranquil shaded tree canopies and floral beds of our beautiful park-scape.

Riding a bike can be a hazardous undertaking in the park, especially when there are so many people about. So many people about being a good thing, as parks and gardens provide a vital element to our well-being and give us all that freedom note we all need, to clear our heads ready to begin again with the trials and tribulations that life throws at us.

So, I invested in a bell to help navigate the paths and tracks to warn numerous people of my approach.

This has, on many occasions been a complete and utter waste of time as nobody hears it or takes any notice! Or do they?

Which comes to my conclusion, not that so many people are deaf, but that they are so immersed in the beauty and freedom, stillness and dreaminess of the greenery in our parks that they are in fact in a minds ‘dreamscape’.
They are wrapped up in their own thoughts…….. a dreamland that lets them pass their time with their thoughts and so aid their well-being in life and their healthy recovery.

We are blessed with an abundant of open spaces in Liverpool. The parks environment allows us the public to replenish our little worlds and we do this at our own pace and leisure and it all provides us with a little ‘ghostly counsellor’.

For each and every one of us, these open spaces allow a mythical counsellor to communicate with us in our own very private and unique way. My theory anyway, and I’m only drinking coffee.

I get people telling me…they are “In another world”, “I was dreaming”, …… having rattled the bell a few times too many.

So, this is good enough evidence to suggest the importance of our parks in Liverpool helping us recoup without getting evidence from any of the heavy research, filling tick boxes etc.

So, when the rain stops, take a trip to your nearest parkland and feel the vibes of nature and get that buzz of wellbeing from the air around, its free and they are amazing places….

……….and it’s all on your doorstep!

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