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Cllr’ Claire Wilner- finally got that interview….

Liverpool based Councillor Claire Wilner-Assistant Cabinet member of Culture,Sport and Tourism, and Labour Councillor of Belle Vale, took time out of her busy schedule to have our long overdue discussion around her role as Political Mentor of the Five Cultural Champions, and her shared remit to continue raising the cultural profile of our region, locally, nationally and on a global scale.

During our meeting, Claire demonstrated her passion and committment in supporting a broad spectrum of initiatives that fully utilizes the vast amount of agencies and resources focused on the Arts/Culture/Health and Well Being/Heritage Status of Liverpool/River Mersey and the Ferries/Parks and the Green Agenda to name a few. Pedalos in Sefton Park was launched the day before we met up,  focusing on using our many wonderful park spaces and lakes.  Claire also explained to me,  that extending the involvement of communities outside of the City Centre was also an important aspect of her administration.  Hotel occupancy was also discussed,  and how mid-week numbers could possible be enhanced by the “Coach Friendly” award status held by Liverpool.  In this decade of Health and Well-Being, Claire spoke of  how important the health  of our regions  citizens,  and addressing the key health indicators were crucial and directly linked to promoting a positive global image in terms of Brand Liverpool. The emphasis in also one of attracting additional revenue into the City through creative ventures both on a large-scale and smaller projects throughout the region.

My eyes lit up when Cllr’ Wilner mentioned the proposal of a Liverpool equivalent of Ellis Island (New York) right here in Liverpool. Oh yes any mention of the River Mersey, our life blood, the tangible links with the history and migration of our City’s rich diverse communities,  along with the wealth of culture,arts,heritage that makes Liverpool a prefered city of destination.. well she had my full attention!

Cllr’Claire Wilner-Liverpool in my office

When asked what led her into her involvement with local politics,  and her passion for her city, this was her response. Claire was gracious enough to share her journey from Manchester, her degree programme at our Liverpool JM University studying Countryside Management (Park Ranger),  was very involved in student politics and went on to develop here interest in health promotion/mental health and her spiritual values.  Claire took time away from Liverpool,  and lived in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan for five years,  leant the language and returned to the UK having embraced all aspect of their culture,customs,  values  etc… Interestingly,  Claire believes there is something that was already within her call it a “political gene” that stems from her Father’s political activities in Manchester.

Claire’s enthusiasm for her community and their well-being on all levels was so infectious, and in our 45 minutes interview session,  I gained a far better understanding of the many aspect of her role as Assistant Cabinet member of Culture,Sport and Tourism.   What next  beckons for your administration Claire,  possibly that Cruise Liner route starting from our very own Cruise Terminal,  sailing over to the Americas and Caribbean Islands?

Saturday 11th August, Stanley Park got its own fleet of six pedaloes,  part of a programme to attract more activities and families into the city’s parks and open spaces.  The pedaloes are available for hire during the school holidays and at weekends.  Thank goodness we were blessed with glorious sunshine.

For further information visit liverpool.gov.uk

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