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Honky Tonk at the Bluecoat

Sorry Dick Emery fans! It’s not what you think!!

This is and exhibition of paintings, photographs and film which examines the connections between Liverpool and the USA within the genre of country music. Very accessible and enjoyable exhibition which is entertaining and shines a light on the long standing enthusiasm for country music in our fair city.

A great collection of photographs by local photographer Mark McNulty along with a short film provide a colourful and entertaining explanation (by Mike Badger) of the local love of country music and it’s DIY nature. We forget that this was one of the most subversive music forms in the 1950’s. Johnny Cash took it into the 1970’s with great social comment in his songs. It is today unashamedly working class on both sides of the Atlantic. Liverpool supporters still sing ‘Ring of Fire’ on the Kop!

No roll neck sweaters and goatee beards here!

My personal favourite is a painting by Derek Boshier called ‘Cocaine Cowboy’. Reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Whaam!’.

Check this out! Very easy to relate to and some foot tapping honky tonk music to go along with some entertaining and thought provoking images.

Honky Tonk runs at the Bluecoat until Sunday 18th September. Yee Hahhhh!!!

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