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The Epstein’s Youthful Magical ‘Now Festival’

‘Rebellion’ the all girl rock band, are just one of the latest local groups to hit the Mersey scene. These 15yr old youngsters from across Liverpool; trained in classical music, then turned their hand to the rock sound in a bid to connect with Mersey youth over an issue seldom spoken of.

Working closely with a number of organisations such as the British Council ‘Connecting Classrooms’ Critical Thinking Project, Liverpool Lighthouse Music Hub, ‘Time To Change’ mental health project and the Merseyside Youth Association, they creatively delivered an innovative socially inspiring message about mental health, through words and music in a dynamic way.

‘Rebellion’s’ key message through the project, is that they hope to raise awareness and promote positive mental health and well-being especially with the youth who at times find it impossible to share their feelings and anxieties.

The Liverpool NOW Festival gave this group of Polish girls, the chance to engage and develop new ways of working and cooperating with individuals, groups and communities.

This Festival has given, local children and young people the opportunity to showcase their original live performances and films devised around the theme of Mental Health on Wednesday 10th February and Thursday 11th Feb.

NOW! Young People’s Arts Festival features youths aged 8-18 from 14 Liverpool schools and youth organisations who have performed with guest artists Darren Suarez, Maurice Bessman and Carl Cockram along with a number of organisations including the Ariel Trust, CAMHS Wellbeing Partnership and Brighton University..
Be there and be seen!!!!

Liverpool Epstein Theatre 6.30pm £5 Wed 10th/Thursday 11th


Liverpool’s fantastic children’s entertainment hits the mark!

Just viewed two fantastic performances this holiday, and they are a must for all the family. Thought just visiting one was enough until I found families enjoying the two performances as well, despite the distances.

Firstly, the Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre are welcoming families to the spectacular ‘Beauty and the Beast’ starring the addictive 5Ives singer Ritchie Neville who stages a superb Fonzy type character as Anton the wicked Countess’s brother. You will delight in his characters antics as he sings and swoons the stage especially delighting the female members of the audience who he had in continual titters!
Michael Chapman as Dame Polly and director of LHK Productions again keeps everyone alive with his witty lines and hilarious audience participation. If you want water, well there were buckets full this time!
Epstein Theatre -12th April 08448884411
This was a good family show with something for everyone, a real treat for the Easter hols not to be missed.

Not far down the E. Lancs (15mins) was the St Helens’ Theatre Royal with the spellbinding pantomime ‘Sleeping beauty’ with all the old favourites added to a fantastic storyline.
With tickets from £8, I was not surprised at seeing a full house with a good cross-section of audience.

St Helens’ resident dame Simon Foster was in fine form delighting both adults and children with his wit. Liam Mellor, as Chester The Jester has now made his name across the UK for his ‘cheeky chappy’ comedy roles reminiscent of a stage character ‘cleaning windows’ back in the 40’s. Radio City with Leanne Campbell and Claire Simmo certainly have some belting singers with a wide repertoire of acting and dancing skills. Again, all on stage until Sun 12th April.
St Helens theatre Royal 01744756000

It’s brilliant that some of the theatre world are now looking to that younger audience and filling a gap in the stage calendar. For all its racey, colourful, fast paced, glitz; full of glamour, songs, dance, family fun, silly antics and slapstick comedy; these shows all contribute to the magical ingredients which are making them such a success!

You too can look forward to visiting a dazzling, truly magical adventure this Easter at the Epstein and Theatre Royal. So book now and sit back ready to enjoy the magical productions, knowing that you have contributed to the fantastic acting talent that Merseyside provides for you.

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