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The Sound of Music – Liverpool Empire

Watching this last night the only word I could think of to describe this musical is……..nice!

The songs are great, lovely accomplished performances from Connie Fisher as Maria Rainerand Michael Praed as Captain von Trapp and of course the von Trapp children were cute. But on the downside the Nazi soldiers simply were not threatening enough to generate any real drama.

The story of a governess falling for the man of the house is well worn and a smashing love story but the real emotional hook of this story is the fact that they have to flee the Nazi’s. For me this was not dwelt on enough to generate any tension.

On the positive side, the singing nuns provided some depth and were both funny and musically accomplished. The sets were colourful and well built and the minor characters, particularly Martin Callaghan as Max Detweiler, well drawn and entertaining.

The music and songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein are classics and this production delivered them more than adequately.

This production is fantastic for the kids or to take your granny or auntie to but if you are expecting some real emotion and drama I’m afraid it will let you down.

Still, a good entertaining night out with plenty of singalaong tunes and a warm feeling at the end.

As I said….nice!

My verdict 4/5

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