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Perri and Neil ‘Then’ Album Launch, Parr Street Studios

I don’t know about you, but going to album launches is not something I do every day.  So I was delighted to be asked along to this event by Perri Alleyne-Hughes, one of the renowned directors of Sense of Sound, at the gorgeous Parr Street Studios, Studio 2.

Perri and composer and classical guitarist Neil Campbell have written and produced an album of songs that covers their own relationship with each other and Perri’s love for her two sons.

The night was filled with music from the wider Sense of Sound family, with performances from Joanne Roberts, the powerful and wide-ranging voice of Jennifer John and the thoroughly charming and engaging Ogo Nzeakor.  Then Perri, looking absolutely beautiful, and Neil came on to perform tracks from the album along with Paul Riley on bass and Colin Lamont on drums.

The packed audience in Parr Street Studio 2 loved the songs, ranging from the straight-from-the heart and surprisingly upbeat Both of You to the very lovely, very personal Sunday Song and Dream of You and I.  They did a cover of Scott Walker’s Rosemary that reminded me of a chilled-out Cafe del Mar vibe.

Most of the audience already knew the album’s title track Then and were thrilled to hear it. Perri and Neil have been working with Courtney Pine and the album Then has its jazz influence out for all to see (and hear).  Hard to put in any kind of musical pigeon-hole, their songs put me in mind of all kinds from chilled Ibiza to Cleo Laine to Sinatra at his coolest.

Perri’s vocals against the background of Neil’s classical guitar are so made for each other that it’s a bit of a surprise to find out they’ve only been writing and performing together for a couple of years.

I thank them for inviting me to share this special evening with them.

You can find out more about Perri and Neil at http://www.perriandneil.com/

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