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Rene Magritte at Tate Liverpool

This is an exhibition of many of this artists most well known works, showing at the 4th floor in Tate Liverpool from today.

The best way to describe Magritte’s work is that he takes the banal and everyday and formats them in pictures that challenge the way we look at the world. He really is the forerunner of pop art, many of his works looking like album covers.

Many of you will have seen the bowler hatted man with his face covered by a green apple or the painting depicting men apparently raining from the sky. This is the typical image of his work but this exhibition goes beyond the well known Magritte and showcases work covering his whole life and his many themes.

One of the rooms covers work which plays with light, landscapes showing night scenes in apparent daylight. Technically very accomplished. Another room covers his early works with a particularly striking painting of two lovers kissing whilst their faces are covered in what looks like a cloth. The exhibition also touches on the artists work as a commercial illustrator (an occupation he loathed) with many examples of advertising and film posters.

There is also the now obligatory ‘erotic’ section showing sketches of genitalia. This is not the best or most illuminating example of this artists work, reminiscent of schoolboy doodles (well mine anyway!).

The thing that struck me about this artist was the many paintings that are painted through a portal or window. Probably 50% of the paintings on show seem to be from the viewpoint of a man looking from either the outside in or vice versa. Magritte seemed to be outside of reality, disconnected from the world in which he lived and longing for another. He appears trapped in an urban landscape longing for the open skies of the countryside.

An ordinary man in bowler hat and mackintosh with a longing to escape his mundane existance.

This is a fascinating collection and a great insite into the human psyche. Although the images at first appear banal ordinary and everyday, their message when arranged in the paintings offer an insite into the desires of us all. The desire to escape reality and enter the world we dream of.

This is an inspired choice by the curator of Tate Liverpool. It is what the Tate is all about, excellent modern art which makes you think!

Rene Magritte – The Pleasure Principle runs until 16th October 2011

Admission £11, concessions £9

For more details see the Tate Liverpool website www.tate.org.uk/ or phone 0151 702 7400


I got sent home from work this morning for being feeble-no vocal chords whatsoever. So whilst I sit here in my lemsip-induced stupor, I thought I’d finally get down to blathering on about what’s occuring. Prepare yourself for some nonsense.

The Rene Magritte exhibition opens at the Tate this week. He was one of the more famous surrealist artists along with old Salvador Dali and all that jive. Interestingly (and I totally stole this factoid from the Tate’s facebook post), one of his pieces entitled ‘the sixteenth of September’  is popular amongst fans of Marc Bolan. The painting features a tree which apparently looks very much like the one his girlfriend crashed her car into into on 16th September 1977, killing him and injuring her. Spooky! (And conincidental).

Now, I’m currently listening to some old CD’s in my big maroon dad-car, owing to the fact that the radio is broken and who buys CD’s anymore anyway?

One of the CD’s I’ve had playing on loop due to laziness is the best of Pink Floyd. It’s ace, but I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan. However, when the boyfriend bought me a ticket to ex-PF’s Roger Water’s concert at the MEN Arena in a singular act of lovely generosity, I was very pleased. He’s been before and it sounds like a  pretty awesome show. Their album The Wall is performed from start to finish by Waters and his merry men.

Pink Floyd became well known for their high-concept stage shows and in this one, old Rodge recreates many of those amazing spectacles which includes lazers, massive inflatable pigs, a giant scary evil headmaster puppet and of course, building a wall on stage throughout the evening, culminating in the audience only being able to peep at Roger et al through a hole until at last, the final brick is in place and they dissapear entirely.

…anyway, that’s what I’m doing next week, yo! I know it’s not in Liverpool but hey. Deal!

Funny Women Awards are still rolling on-the Manchester Awards are on 23rd July. If you know any aspiring or established lady comedians, let them know!

Found a couple of sites for guided Sunday morning walks around the city and tempted to go on one. If I do I’ll let you know how it went, but in the meantime here’s the link in case that sounds interesting to you too! Am officially old: pretty sure I should be spending that time sleeping off hangovers but anyway….

Finally, went to Africa Oye again on Sunday. It’s such a good little festival and I’m so glad they managed to get funding for it at the eleventh hour.

Farewell, my lovelies!

Rene Magritte – The Pleasure Principle – Tate Liverpool

Looking forward to this new exhibition at Tate Liverpool. If Picasso last year and Klimpt in 2008 are anthing to go by it should be stunning.

It opens on Friday 24th June and runs until 16th October.

I’m having a sneaky peek on Thursday so watch this space for my review!

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