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Panto Pronto!!!! So much to see and enjoy this week.

It’s still not too late to grab yourself a front row seat at one of the many Liverpool premier theatres for the ‘panto’ experience.

Just enjoyed a last minute booking at the Unity Theatre Tel (0844873288) for a 2pm performance of ‘The Princess & The Pea’ and thoroughly enjoyed it.
This was a truly pleasant, heart-warming, uplifting performance with a pleasant romp through pantoland, embellished with witty song dance and the usual comic gags that give the mums and dads a good share of the festive fun, that’s cheap at the price.

A short walk down Bold Street and the Epstein Theatre Tel (08448884411) has a pulsating charmer with Callum Best and Merseybeat legend Beryl Marsden who punches out a spellbinding enchanting Cinderella panto with all the trimmings.

This is certainly a powerful production with all the laughs but made all the more potent and enjoyable by Beryl Marsden’s masterful vocals. A super evenings entertainment enjoyed by all!

A little further afield at a stones throw down the E. Lancs brings you to the St Helens Theatre Royal Tel (01744756000) for another rags to riches story of Cinderella. With one wave of a magic wand, you will be whisked off to a glamorous ball this Christmas as Regal Entertainments present their classic tale.
This years offering is bigger than ever with an all-star cast including bad boy Rob Donovan of ITV’s Coronation Street, Marc Bayliss and with Benidorm’s favourite Cissy Rock staring as one of the Ugly Sisters, bringing a real touch of raucous laughter to the plot.
Not to be out done, Simon Foster retains the comic element as the Fairy Godmother bringing lashings of magic and sparkle.

A belly full of laughs and the very best of Christmas family entertainment will be had with all these seasonal theatre offerings.

Meet a wicked Queen, a giant Pea, Shetland ponies, enchanted pumpkins and a sparkling fairy-tale carriage not to be missed in these festive fantasies for all the family to enjoy.

These are Christmas shows that will make you laugh, sing and glad you got off your backside and bought a ticket!
Have fun!
And A Merry Christmas!

Liverpool’s fantastic children’s entertainment hits the mark!

Just viewed two fantastic performances this holiday, and they are a must for all the family. Thought just visiting one was enough until I found families enjoying the two performances as well, despite the distances.

Firstly, the Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre are welcoming families to the spectacular ‘Beauty and the Beast’ starring the addictive 5Ives singer Ritchie Neville who stages a superb Fonzy type character as Anton the wicked Countess’s brother. You will delight in his characters antics as he sings and swoons the stage especially delighting the female members of the audience who he had in continual titters!
Michael Chapman as Dame Polly and director of LHK Productions again keeps everyone alive with his witty lines and hilarious audience participation. If you want water, well there were buckets full this time!
Epstein Theatre -12th April 08448884411
This was a good family show with something for everyone, a real treat for the Easter hols not to be missed.

Not far down the E. Lancs (15mins) was the St Helens’ Theatre Royal with the spellbinding pantomime ‘Sleeping beauty’ with all the old favourites added to a fantastic storyline.
With tickets from £8, I was not surprised at seeing a full house with a good cross-section of audience.

St Helens’ resident dame Simon Foster was in fine form delighting both adults and children with his wit. Liam Mellor, as Chester The Jester has now made his name across the UK for his ‘cheeky chappy’ comedy roles reminiscent of a stage character ‘cleaning windows’ back in the 40’s. Radio City with Leanne Campbell and Claire Simmo certainly have some belting singers with a wide repertoire of acting and dancing skills. Again, all on stage until Sun 12th April.
St Helens theatre Royal 01744756000

It’s brilliant that some of the theatre world are now looking to that younger audience and filling a gap in the stage calendar. For all its racey, colourful, fast paced, glitz; full of glamour, songs, dance, family fun, silly antics and slapstick comedy; these shows all contribute to the magical ingredients which are making them such a success!

You too can look forward to visiting a dazzling, truly magical adventure this Easter at the Epstein and Theatre Royal. So book now and sit back ready to enjoy the magical productions, knowing that you have contributed to the fantastic acting talent that Merseyside provides for you.

Glint ….Gleam….Sparkle…..It’s Jack & The Beanstalk Panto at St Helen’s Theatre Royal.

Glint, gleam, sparkle…..with spoonfulls of gleam and buckets full of glitter, all in this years glamorous production of Jack and the Beanstalk at the St Helens Royal till Sunday 11th January.

The panto season is here at last, so make your family’s dreams come true with a 20 min jaunt down the E.Lancs to the star studded St Helen’s giant Christmas pantomime and you will not be disappointed.

With a cast including the singing legend Linda Nolan, Waterloo Road’s Abby Mavers, Emmerdales hunk Kurtis Stacey, Coronation Street’s Nick Cochrane, Radio City’s 96.7’s Claire Simmo; Theatre Royal’s favourite Dame, Simon Foster and the hilarious Liam Mellor as Silly Billy….just what could you ask for!

A brilliant evenings entertainment all round with Linda Nolan belting out the “I’m in the mood for dancing” vocals that leaves you foot tapping and humming the tune all the way home.

There are plenty of belly laughs from the duo, Silly Billy and the Dame, with Emmerdale’s hunk Kurtis Stacey showing his versatile singing talents and, a cheeky dazzling Colgate ‘ting’ every time he smiles, certainly adds a smile to the audiences face and makes this a roller-coaster of a show! .

A show with a beautiful princess, a cheeky Jack,an outrageous Dame Dotty and loads of Fairy Dust from lovely Claire Simmo as Fairy Vegetable, with her fair share of sprouts!

What more do you need for the perfect pantomime? Fun for all the family.

You will be visually bejewelled with the costumes and humming to the lyrics of Frozen’s hit song “Let it Go” but be prepared to be defrosted with a show that will warm the blood of any age group.

It’s the perfect format, for a happy enjoyable family evening, with a goodie and a baddie, where good always wins and the prince always gets his princess.

St Helens
THEATRE ROYAL 01744756000
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