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On The Waterfront ,Again!

Today has been a fun day . The Gay Pride Parade made its  noisy, colorful  way around the city center, the atmosphere was happy and relaxed and along Whitechapel a large crowd clapped and cheered. I was in the 08′ Place ,doing my volunteering meeting and greeting visitors , it was really busy with lots of people wanting info on the Waterfront Activities and the Gay Pride route and programme. I took time to watch the Parade and take a few photos. The Liverpool Samba School was heading the parade (they have been so busy recently) and our new Lord Mayor Hazel Williams  (another busy person) was walking at the front giving her support to the event. She looked as though she was enjoying it.  Later the Lord Mayor attended the Waterfront evening events and after watching the Argentinian Aerial Group she said “BRILLIANT” and the crowds agreed ,the whole evening was amazing with the Street Theatre, the Steel Drum Band and VOALA  Ariel “FLYERS”all performers deserve the applause they received. AND tomorrow there is MORE. The Glen Miller Tribute Band will be playing and more dancers will take to the floor.  You’ve gotta love It.


I said we were in for a great weekend ( I was right)  of music and dance, also performances from VOALA the Argentinian Aerial Company and it  all kicked off tonight with The Liverpool Samba School and Drummers. A lively exhibition of rhythm and colour, exotic costumes and gorgeous girls with figures to die for !  Next on the bill  , Liverpool Band 6 Toys (I swear I counted 7)  great music, good mix of instruments and lots of energy appreciated by the crowds. And finally a very dramatic ,astonishing , airborne show from ‘Voala’ , 8 very fit artistes who wowed the crowd with their display of beautifully choreographed ‘dancing in space’  swinging out over the crowds suspended on wires. tonight it all came together in an exciting blend of music, movement, lights, costumes and performers.  The very mixed crowd of all ages and nationalities showed their appreciation with great enthusiasm. Get down to the Waterfront for a great weekend of music,dance and fun.  It’s a must do.!  All courtesy of Liverpool City Council.

Another Spectacular weekend of Fun!

WOW  !  What a weekend we have to look forward to. On The Waterfront has another exciting fun packed weekend for us . Today lots of people were working hard preparing , setting up for the events. It was like an instant town sprung up, tents , cabins, changing rooms down at the Pierhead. A huge crane (280 ft) high will play a major role in the performance of  ‘VOALA’ an Argentinean arial troupe.  Tour Manager Nicole Dittmar gave me the lowdown on this fantastic group of performers, 8 persons to perform in the air, 3 Musicians/ Singers, a Director, Production crew 16 people in total will bring a magical experience to Liverpool this weekend. I was spellbound and that was without costumes ,lights etc. Watching the rehearsal was an experience. Wait for the actual performance!  It will be a unforgetable combination of Ariel Acrobatics, Music, Song , Mime and to coin a phrase ‘poetry  in motion’. The talented performers flew in to Liverpool today at midday and went straight into action . Warm ups, stretching, jogging to prepare themselves for the very strenuous performance. Last week they wowed the crowds in Canada, this week Liverpool then off to Spain and France a truly professional and international cast of performers.  Don’t miss them , I won’t!  See you at the weekend.

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